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Winchester (JV with IAMGOLD)

Property description

TomaGold owns a 25% interest in the Winchester property (75% owned by IAMGOLD Corporation "IAMGOLD"), which consists of 20 mineral claims covering an area of 1,070 hectares, located directly southwest of the Monster Lake property, in the Chibougamau area.

Previous exploration work

From 1984 to 1993, SOQUEM carried out prospecting and mapping over about 20% of the property, along with 40 km of geophysical surveying (VLF and Mag). SOQUEM also drilled two holes totaling 490 metres in the northwestern part of the property.

From 1993 to 1996, SOQUEM and Consolidated Oasis Resources Inc. carried out 7.2 km of induced polarization surveying in the northern part of the property, an HLEM survey over the entire property, and four holes totaling 771 metres of drilling in the northeastern part of the property. The best results were obtained in Hole 993-94-40, which returned 1.72 g/t Ag, 0.06% Cu and 0.30% Zn over 1.70 m, and Hole 993-95-41, which yielded 2.35 g/t Au over 0.40 m.

In 2001-2002, SOQUEM drilled nine holes on the property to test the geophysical targets (HLEM and Mag) associated with a southwest fault in the Nouvelle gold corridor, as well as their interactions with the Guercheville and Fancamp corridors. All the targets were explained by the presence of a pyritic shear or pyritic-graphitic schists (tuffs).

Two of the holes revealed a new gold-bearing area called Structure 86. This zone is associated with a decametric altered volcanoclastic unit injected with quartz-carbonate veins containing pyrite. Most of the gold anomalies correspond to a graphitic schist injected with quartz-carbonate-pyrite veins. Holes 993-01-86 and 993-01-88 returned the best intersections. Hole 993-01-86 intersected 0.24 g/t Au over 80.4 metres in the volcanoclastic unit, including 0.54 g/t Au over 22 metres, which in turn included 2.46 g/t Au over 1.0 metre and 1.61 g/t Au over 2.5 metres. Hole 993-01-88, drilled 100 metres to the east, intersected the same geological unit at a grade of 0.30 g/t Au over 70.0 metres (including a 22.4-metre unsampled section with an assumed grade of 0.0 g/t Au for calculation purposes), including a 7.4-metre section grading 2.36 g/t Au, which included 13.85 g/t Au over 1.0 metre.

Of lesser importance but still worthy of note are Hole 993-01-82, which returned 0.18 g/t Au, 0.32% Cu and 4.76% Zn over 1.50 m, and Hole 993-02-89, which returned 2.46 g/t Au over 1.50 m.

Exploration work by IAMGOLD

In June 2015, IAMGOLD announced that a Versatile Time Domain Electromagnetic airborne survey ("VTEM") was flown over the Lac-à-L'Eau Jaune and Winchester properties. The survey has identified several strong conductors coincident with the well-known, prominent magnetic anomalies similar to that observed along the Monster Lake shear zone.

Maps and geological information

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